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Dean Amundsen, O.D. Vision
Camarillo, CA
Optometric Technician/Scribe Needed Do you love gadgets and gizmos as much as you love working with people? Then we want to talk to you about our Optometric Technician/Scribe position. Our busy opt...
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Optometric Technician/Scribe

Dean Amundsen, O.D. Vision
Camarillo, CA
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Optometric Technician/Scribe Needed
Do you love gadgets and gizmos as much as you love working with people? Then we want to talk to you about our Optometric Technician/Scribe position. Our busy optical practice needs a Technician to help us give patients a 5-star experience every time they’re here.

As an Optometric Technician at Dean Amundsen, OD, you will have the incredible honor to work in multiple areas within our practice. Our employees are consistently cross-trained for optimal career growth. This is a full-time position at our office with full benefits in Camarillo.

No Experience Needed!
Experience is a plus, but it’s certainly not required. We offer paid training to the right person with a great attitude, a helpful heart, and a love of learning! We will make sure you’re totally confident working with the equipment and patients before you start handling these tasks alone. We won’t throw you to the wolves!

We Offer:
  • PTO
  • In-house Vision Benefits
  • Profit-Sharing and Retirement Plan

What you’ll be doing as an Optometric Technician/Scribe:
As a Technician, you’re the “nurse” of the Eye Care practice. You’ll be handling a lot of the important work that goes on to set the doctor and the patient up for success. As the first person to work with each patient during their appointment, you’ll be the one that calms their nerves, gets them in a great mood, and shows them that we are there to serve them in every way we can!

Some of your duties will include:
  • Taking the patient back to the exam room and verifying their medical history
  • Spending time with each patient before the doctor comes in, performing duties such as measuring retinal function, peripheral vision, and retinal thickness; and taking retinal photographs. (You’ll be using the same type of instruments NASA uses on the space station!)
  • Verifying patient chart information for accuracy
  • Taking notes for the doctor during the patient’s exam.
  • Ordering proper tests based on the doctor’s diagnosis
  • Consistent cross-training for optimal career growth
  • Properly coding procedures so everything gets paid by the patient’s insurance.

Why this job is more than a job:
In Eye Care, we change people’s lives. We help grandma and grandpa keep their independence by saving their eyesight. We help kids get better grades because they can finally see the board! We prevent devastating traffic accidents, allow parents to take in every detail on their children’s faces, and help people enjoy a higher quality of life – because life is so much better when you can SEE. If you want a career where you can directly impact the well-being of your community, this is it!

Skills required – If these sound like you, please apply!
  • You can make anybody feel comfortable, from squirmy little kids to great-grandmothers... and everyone in between.
  • You’ve got the perfect balance of patience and efficiency.
  • You’re insanely detail-oriented – Even Santa is jealous of your “making a list and checking it twice” skills.
  • You LOVE to learn and master new skills quickly.
  • You’re famous for doing what you say you’re going to do – no excuses!
  • You take pride and ownership in everything you do – whatever you do, you do it well.
  • You see yourself as an integral part of your team’s success (because we will).

About Us:
Dean Amundsen OD is an optometry practice in Camarillo. We love to come to work every day because we love what we do, and we’ve built an office culture that can’t be beaten. If you’re looking to join a team that feels like a family, where your efforts will always be appreciated, and where you will be valued for the amazing person you are, apply now!

We value your time, so we’ll be back in touch with you very quickly.

  • 8 hour shift
Experience Level
  • Entry Level
  • Ophthalmology
  • Other
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